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In an effort to promote nationwide awareness of Ukraine's repeat presidential election, in December 2004 Canadian Friends of Ukraine carried out a successful Orange Ribbon Campaign on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Canadian Friends of Ukraine forwarded three hundred and eight orange ribbons to all Members of Parliament along with a letter requesting that Members of the House of Commons wear them as a symbolic expression of solidarity with the democratic aspirations of the people of Ukraine.

On December 14, 2004, the last day of Parliament's session before the Christmas recess, on the initiative of Canadian Friends of Ukraine, a Statement in support of fair and transparent Ukrainian elections set for December 26 was presented in the House of Commons. In a Statement read to a packed House of Commons on December 14, 2004, Walt Lastewka (then MP for St. Catharines), read the following:

"Mr. Speaker, Canada was the first western country to recognize Ukraine's independence 13 years ago. Today we are building on that history. Canadian Friends of Ukraine, a Canadian NGO, is working to promote democracy and reform in Ukraine. I ask every member of the House to show their support for the Canadian Friends of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Congress in assisting the democratic striving of the people of Ukraine.

Members of the House have unanimously declared their solidarity with the democratic aspirations of the people of Ukraine, so that the December 26, 2004 repeat presidential elections take place in an environment free of media censorship, intimidation and foreign intervention.

The take note debate and the motion in the House supported by all parties have demonstrated our support for free, fair and transparent presidential elections in Ukraine to be held on December 26.

We wish the Ukrainian people all the best in their journey toward democratic reform. Slava Ukraini. (Long Live Ukraine)".

A delegation representing Canadian Friends of Ukraine met with Members of Parliament and Canadian journalists covering the Ukrainian election story from Parliament Hill.

Representatives of Canadian Friends of Ukraine meet with parliamentarians Peter MacKay (3rd from right) and Judy Wasylycia-Leis (2nd from left) on the eve of the third-round presidential elections in Ukraine, during which time the House of Commons recognized a Statement initiated by Canadian Friends of Ukraine reaffirming the unanimous support of the House for free, fair and transparent presidential elections in Ukraine.

Margareta Shpir, Tony Valeri, Lisa Shymko

The Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, the Hon. Tony Valeri, welcomes Canadian Friends of Ukraine representatives Margareta Shpir and Lisa Shymko during CFU's Orange Ribbon Campaign on Parliament Hill.

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